Web Programming

Specializing in creating dynamic websites using PHP, MySQL, Ajax and  Jquery, Chimp Solutions have built and developed many websites including; E-commerce (shop) websites, custom payment gateways and content management systems (CMS).

Web Programming
We specialize in creating dynamic. We have built and developed many sites that use these technologies from E-commerce (shop) websites, fully animated sites and custom payment gateways, to content management systems (CMS).

Web Design and Web Programming are two different aspects of the website experience. Web Design refers to the “front-end”, the look and feel of a web site. Web Programming refers to the backend including:

  1. The functionality of the site; how the customized web application and databases talk to each other to give your web visitor a better user experience.
  2. Tracking of web visitors, generating multiple sales leads, and giving your employee’s more powerful tools to connect your web visitors.
  3. Real-Time monitoring and tracking of your web site, sales, and more, is all made possible through our advanced web programming. Integrating a customized Web 2.0 interface helps web visitors feel more comfortable and increase the likelihood of a new sale or new lead.

Web 2.0 Programming
Web 2.0 is seen as the next level of internet experience. It creates a new user-friendly online interface with the power and reliability to be able to give users more powerful tools. Web 2.0 empowers the users and web visitors, and is a great tool to get your web visitors more interactive with your website.

We have designed customized Search Engines, Web 2.0 Interfaced Ecommerce Solutions, Database Management Applications, Lead Tracking, and Lead Generation Application, Chat Servers, Message Boards, and Customized Promotional Scheduling systems based on Web 2.0 technology, to give our clients the competitive edge.

AJAX / Javascript Web Programming
JavaScript is one of the greatest languages created … also one of the hardest ones to program in. We have guru JavaScript programmers with over 15 years of experience programming with JavaScript and its brain child AJAX. AJAX is one of the powerful programs leading the Web 2.0 wave of programming, and its seamless integration has help us become one of the premier JavaScript / web 2.0 programming shops around.

AJAX allows web pages to “talk” to the server and exchange information and data securely with browser refreshing, etc, and creates a seamless user experience. If your website needs upgrading and customized web programming, a Web2.0 interface is the way to go. The Next Generation of Websites are being built right here, and if your site does not have the functionality that you want or your customer demands, contact us to discuss how we can help improve your online business and your customer’s online  experience with your website.

Perl / CGI Web Programming
We offer highly customized web programming using the Perl language. Perl is one of the most stable and most reliable programming languages available. It can be considered a Great Uncle to the PHP programming language.

Perl takes web programming, Server Side Processing, and can be combined with Web 2.0 Functionality to create a seamless user-friendly customized web application. Whether you are tracking leads, lead conversions, and sales, or need a fully customized ecommerce shopping cart solution, we have the know-how to get it done correctly. Best of all, there will be no “usability lag,”  or instability that can be found in other customized ecommerce solutions.

Our programming team has over 12 years of experience with Perl / CGI / and next generation programming. Contact us for a consultation to create a customized web application that will cater to your web prospect’s needs, and gain more sales for you while creating a more profitable stream of revenue.

Server Side Includes / Processing Programming
We are able to design websites that call a functionality or program “quietly” to the server, and retrieves data and outputs the information back to the screen of the user. An example of this is a real time updating stock quote page that updates as the stock updates, without refreshing the page. Watch data move back and forth without refreshing or having to load another page. It can be done seamlessly with Server Side Includes / Processing Programming.

The only limit is your imagination. Most ideas imagined can be accomplished with Web 2.0 interfaces, AJAX backend functionality, and more. The sky is the limit on the programming capabilities we have available to our clients.

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