Brand Identity

We have a great team of young vibrant designers who specialize in creating modern, high quality logo designs. Each logo is created using your input and our creativity.

Every time a logo appears it communicates something about the product or service it represents and differentiates it from a competitor’s product or service. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the front of a business card or on the side of bus. In time it will build customer recognition and loyalty and delivering a bottom line value of its own.

“A logo is a company’s single and most valuable marketing tool”.

Today, many markets are overpopulated with both large and small companies and overexposed with marketing messages. This has made for a difficult landscape to get a marketing message noticed. And with the rising costs of getting a new product or service ready for the market, it has become even more important to cut through this clutter. The one sure-fire way of doing this is by having a corporate branding strategy.

Powerful corporate branding can equip most any new product or service with instant credibility and value that simply can’t be reproduced with any sort of product-focused marketing campaign. That is why it is vitally important for any serious corporation that wishes its product offerings to be successful to create and protect a strong corporate brand.

Our Brand Identity Services

  • Storytelling: The first step is to unearth the stories infused throughout your business. We set the scene, identify the characters and develop a plot to define your brand attributes, progress your story and to build a true connection with your customers.
  • Logo Design: Your logo is the heart of your business, and should capture and communicate your story, voice and tone. We design, produce and streamline world-class “lovemarks”.
  • Corporate Identity: Branding is about consistency of voice across the myriad of touch-points that your customers interact with. We design, produce and streamline your company’s stationary system (business cards, letterhead, envelope, compliment slips), presentation templates (Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF) and email signatures.
  • Asset Repository: We provide you with an all-in-one-place online repository for all your brand assets providing you and your staff with a streamlined, easy-to-access and easy-to-deploy means of maintaining brand consistency.
  • Style and Standards Guide: Graphical Style and Standards Guide for you branding, featuring detailed information about typefaces, layout, and colour to maintain visual consistency across all touch-points

Benefits of Brand Identity

  1. Increase visibility, awareness and recognition of your company and its offerings
  2. Increase emotional connections between you and your customers
  3. Increase the chances of customer loyalty and of being remembered
  4. Streamline and focus your company’s voice, story and tone 
  5. Maintain a competitive edge by differentiating from your competitor with a unique identity 
  6. Improve your professional image, making your company look bigger and more experienced
  7. Increase the probability of attracting the right prospects
  8. Increase desirability through clarity of purpose
  9. Increase consistency across your staff, environments and collateral materials.
  10. Enhance your customer experience by standardization

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